“Talking about a path is not walking it. Thinking about life is not living. A single small step begins the journey of a thousand miles” (Lao-Tsu)

Frequently Asked Questions ABOUT HYPNOSIS


What actually IS Hypnosis?


According to Dr. Bearoff, who has been using hypnosis with clients for over 30 years, Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness in which you are:


Creating new thoughts and actions

Imagining and visualizing goals

Listening carefully to suggestions

Focusing and concentrating intensely

Relaxing deeply and comfortably



What does Hypnosis FEEL like?


Despite what you may have ever seen on TV or in the movies, you are never in any “Zombie”-like state!  While you are under real Hypnosis:


You remember everything that you say or do or think about

Your can never be forced to do or say or remember anything

You maintain your total awareness, and you never lose control

You are never asleep — you are always very alert and awake

Why should YOU consider Hypnosis?


It can be a useful tool in other forms of therapy

It can help your make changes or reach goals faster and easier

Hypnosis can be a way for you to learn to help yourself

Could YOU be “Unhypnotizable?”


Yes — if you really don’t want to concentrate and imagine being successful

Yes — if you’re really not motivated to change, or to be hypnotized

Yes — if it’s against your will; if you don’t want to cooperate


What can  Bearoff Associates OFFER you?


If you think Hypnosis could help you, then consider that  Bearoff Associates can provide:


Individual self-hypnosis cassette tapes, made for your needs

Self-Hypnosis training for ongoing progress, self-improvement

Private, individual sessions in a relaxed, comfortable environment

Qualified, experienced help, and proven, effective techniques